Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine!

An essential part of every curl girl's artillery is her refresh method. Extending your wash cycle can certainly improve your hair's overall health and YOUR overall wealth (less wash days = less product = more money). Washing less frequently means less stripping of those precious cuticles, less drying out of your scalp, less time wasted on new product application...you catch our drift.

Here's exactly what we do to refresh our curlies: 

1) NOTHING! ish.

  day 3 curls with LUS (Love Ur Self) Love Ur Curls

It's common for us to not do anything on Day 2 or 3. Check out @tehilakoshki's Day 3 curls after using LUSBrands (Love Ur Self)!
Be sure to check out our sleep guide here to keep our curls intact overnight. These simple steps before bed allow us to truly just wake up, shake them out, give them a light scrunch and go.   

2) Spray Method 

Day 3 curls Love Ur Curls Sahar

We've told you all about our fav curl refresh spray in our gym tips and travel posts: it's just a spray bottle with water and LUS (Love Ur Self) leave-in treatment. Watch LUS (Love Ur Self) founder, Sahar, mix it up herself here, using 1 cup water and 3 pumps of curly leave-in. And check out these Day 3 curls snapshot --> literally just woke up. No refresh! 
Keep in mind, this is what Sahar has found to work best for HER curls. Adjust your own refresh spray mixture to your curls' liking! And if you'd like to really get creative, add some essential oils to your spritzer (we love a blend of lavender and rosemary, just a few drops of each).
To refresh your hair with this spray, mist the hair lightly so as not to get it soaking wet, focusing on the flat or frizzy sections. Scrunch -- finger coiling any truly unruly curls -- and let your hair air dry. If you have any extra frizzy sections, you can re-wet those specific strands/sections and apply a little more product directly on those misbehavers. (Though we won’t lie…..we love our misbehaving curls. We let them do their thang…and embrace them all!) 

3) Shower Method 

LUS love ur curls 3-step system for naturally curly hair

For a more serious refresh, you can wet your whole head quickly in the shower, leaving it underwater JUST long enough to reach your entire mane. From here, reapply just a few pumps of your LUS (Love Ur Self) leave-in to the whole head, and either air dry or diffuse.
Some girls like to “co-wash”, essentially rewetting their hair thoroughly, applying our in-shower conditioner and combing through. Basically on a refresh day, they don’t use Step 1 (Cleanse) – only the conditioner (Step 2). Then restyle with the leave-in as per usual.  

REMEMBER: Your exact curl care cycle will depend on YOUR unique curl pattern, hair length and lifestyle. 

LUS (Love Ur Self) was created to SIMPLIFY your curl life, and we know that as you begin to embrace your natural texture, it will seem like a ton of new information and rules. Try to keep in mind that most of what you were taught about haircare was for completely untextured hair. Learning to correctly style and nurture YOUR hair type is the first step.


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