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  • LUS Dryer & Diffuser
  • LUS Dryer & Diffuser
  • LUS Dryer & Diffuser
  • LUS Dryer & Diffuser
  • LUS Dryer & Diffuser

LUS Dryer & Diffuser




Say hello to healthier hair, faster drying times, and hi-def curls.
This lightweight, powerful dryer and diffuser were made to help simplify your curl routine and enhance your results.

Negative ion technology
2 speed
Cool shot
3  heat

Negative Ion Technology

The LUS dryer emits a constant flow of negatively charged ions that close and smooth the hair cuticle. This helps to enhance definition, boost shine, and reduce frizz.
They also break down water molecules faster which means you can dry and set your curls in less time, with less heat. ⁠

Raised Hair cuticle
Smoothed Hair cuticle

Even & Adjustable Airflow

No more blasting your curls with overly intense air and heat! With over 110 air holes, the LUS diffuser evenly distributes air to give your curls just the right amount of drying power. By simply turning the rim of the diffuser head you can control how much air comes through.

Diffusing tips & tricks

Plop it in!

Gather a section of hair and place it ends first into the diffuser head, cupping upwards towards the scalp. This enhances definition and bounce!

Nice & Steady.

Moving the diffuser too much will create unwanted frizz. Instead, hold it steady at the roots for 5-10 secs before moving onto the next section.

Lean into it.

Gently tilt your head toward the diffuser while drying. This will help lift your curls off your scalp and create more volume—allowing your roots to dry faster!

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