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These beautiful continuous mist spray water bottles are a perfect companion to our all-in-ones! Use to add water easily to your sectioned hair, while working in your formula. You can also use these to refresh "next day" curls.


With continuous mist, you get:⁠

Precision with every spray⁠

Light mist instead of heavy droplets

Less work on your trigger finger so you can quickly add water to your hair during your styling routine.



Available in white, 200mL. Sold empty.



How to Use the LUS Infinity Spray Bottle

Step 1: Fill spray bottle with water

Step 2: Pump the trigger until water begins to spray

Step 3: Activate continuous spray by pulling trigger 3 times

Step 4: Empty out unused water

Step 5: Leave to dry until next use

Curly Hair Simplified.

At LUS, this is our mission and our mindset. Everything we do, every product we make, is meant to simplify your life...not complicate it.

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