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Our Key Ingredients

With a mission to help you Love Ur Curls, the team at LUS made sure that we put a lot of LOVE into developing our products.



When it comes to great natural ingredients for hair and skin, there are hundreds out there. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients just sound good on labels and have very little to no actual benefit for the hair. We did not want to use an ingredient just because it sounds good. For this reason, we worked closely with our chemists to see how several ingredients interacted together and as part of the overall formulas.

After months of research and development in the lab (and several failed attempts at creating the perfect curl formulas) we selected the following key ingredients because they simply worked and delivered on the promised effects.










Nicknamed the “miracle tree” for its many healing properties, moringa is full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein. Moringa oil, which is extracted from the seeds of this superfood tree, has numerous healing & moisturizing benefits for hair and skin (far too many for us to list here, but we encourage you to look them up)!


When it comes to natural conditioning and moisturizing benefits for curly hair, very few ingredients can rival Shea. Full of natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, we knew we couldn’t create a hair care line for curly hair without including this in our formulations. Once absorbed into the hair shaft, shea butter coats the hair, serving as a natural heat protectant (and hey, some of us curly girls can’t live without our diffusers, right?)

Full Ingredient Lists

LUS is all about honesty and transparency! For this reason, we have included the full ingredient list under each product. Click the + to expand the section and see the full ingredient listing.

Our Key Ingredients

Love Ur Curls

As incredible as these ingredients are and as proud as we are of our final formulations, keep in mind that there is no “magic ingredient” that will, overnight, transform years of damage done to your hair via heat, relaxing, coloring, etc. It takes time, so remember to be patient and give yourself – and your curls – a break!
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