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Do you offer free shipping?

How long is delivery?

Can I edit my order before it ships?

Do you ship to my country?

Are there customs or duty fees added to my order?

Money Matters

What currency can I checkout in?


Where can I find a full list of your ingredients?

Are your products all natural?

Are your products tested on animals?

Are your products vegan?

Are your products scented?


Which formula should I choose?

Do you have sample sizes?

Can I buy your products in stores?

Will your products work individually or do they only work in sets?

Do the products work on permed hair?

Do the products work on color treated hair?

Will your products make my straight hair curly?

When will you have the litre sizes back?

Refund Policy

Can I get a refund or exchange on a LUS product?

Shipping Policy

Oops! I entered the wrong shipping address. Can this be fixed?

What do I do if tracking information says my order was delivered but I have not received it?

What do I do if my package was stolen?

New Products

The LUS Dryer & Diffuser

What kind of shipping do the dryers have?

Why is my order being sent in two shipments?

Why aren’t you shipping to my country?

What’s the return policy on the LUS Dryer & Diffuser?

Do you offer a warranty on the LUS Dryer & Diffuser?

Can I use it on my kids?

Can I buy the diffuser or dryer separately?

How do I assemble the diffuser?

How long is the cable?

What is the voltage?

LUS Elixir Oil

Is it safe to use on sensitive skin?

Is it non-comedogenic? Can I use it on my face?

What does it smell like?

Is it safe to use on kids?

What’s the shelf life?

How many drops should I use?

Is it vegan?

Is it travel-sized?

LUS Hair Perfume

Does it contain alcohol?

What are phthalates?

Is it travel-sized?

How much should I use?

Can I use it on my skin?

Is it safe for use on kids?

What does it smell like?

Is it vegan?

LUS Infinity FAQ

Editing Your Subscription

Can I edit my LUS Infinity order?

Can I pause my LUS Infinity subscription?

How many days before my next Infinity order do I have to cancel my subscription?

Can I cancel at any time?


What if I move?

Will I get reminded about my next shipment?


Can I update my payment?

Can I apply another discount code to my Infinity Membership?

What happens if my card is declined?

Can I check out in CAD?

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