Thirsty Curls: How-To Defeat Dryness

Thirsty Curls: How-To Defeat Dryness

When the temperature drops and the moisture starts getting sucked out of the air, curls can get parched. So what’s a girl to do? How do you fight dryness and get your thirsty curls back to being shiny and supple again? It’s time to play defense!

The most important rule of quenched curls: The earlier you spot the signs of dryness, the sooner you can jump in and protect your curls! Depending on your hair type, dry curls can look and feel different, but there are a few universal telltale signs that it’s time for you to give your cold-weather curls some serious moisturizing attention...

Top 5 Signs Your Curls Need More Moisture


Have you ever followed every single step of your curly hair routine and still ended up with messy, frizzy hair once you finished? Don’t get frustrated! Frizz can be a warning sign that your hair needs some extra TLC.


Moisturized curls are strong curls! You can expect to lose a few curly strands while caring for and styling your tresses, but how much is too much?

Most experts agree that shedding anywhere from 50–100 strands a day is perfectly normal for healthy hair. But it's important to identify the difference between shedding and breakage.

Dry hair tends to lose its elasticity which makes it prone to snapping during the detangling and styling process.

If you see excessive hair between your fingers or comb, pay attention to the length of the strands. If they generally seem shorter than the actual length of your hair it could be that your hair is breaking off at its most brittle points and is in need of some serious moisture.


Pay attention to any weird texture changes when styling your hair. If the texture of your curls suddenly becomes unmanageable and unpleasant, (that steel wool or straw-like feeling) that’s a huge hint that it’s time for a much-needed moisture boost.


You know that feeling when you finally finish styling your hair and you see your curls really pop? When the definition is spectacular and each curl really seems to glisten like magic?

If your curls are excessively dry, one of the first things you’ll lose is that beautiful shine and sheen. But don’t fret. It just means that you need to add a little moisture back in!


If your hair is becoming more and more tangled, your strands are likely in need of a deep moisturizing treatment.

Moisture helps the strands glide easily past each other instead of forming massive knots.

How to Deal With Dry Curly Hair

Have you been able to check off one or more of the signs of dry hair? No worries! The earlier you can spot dehydrated curls, the more quickly you can help them bounce back. If you’ve lost some moisture, the first step is to work on adding it back and sealing it in!


The truth is that WATER is the best moisturizing agent. So when you hop into the shower to wash your kinks and curls, you are actually infusing your hair with much-needed moisture.

The trick is making sure all of that good stuff stays in your curls.

Remember, our curls have a protective cuticle layer that naturally expands and lifts when exposed to hot water; if the cuticle stays open you risk losing moisture and drying out your hair. Lock in the moisture by using cold water to close the cuticle and prevent dryness in the air from zapping the moisture out of your hair.

It's also important to keep in mind that hydration starts from the inside out! If you haven't been drinking enough water, try to up your intake. It will not only help your curls but your skin too!


Deep conditioning is a quick way to instantly moisturize your strands, and is an absolute necessity when the weather is cold and dry. Not only does it help to restore/maintain the moisture levels in your hair but also treats and repairs damage.

If your curls are excessively dry, we recommend deep conditioning once a week until they start to feel hydrated again. Once your curls are springy and juicy again, then you can slow down to once or twice a month, depending on what your hair needs. It might seem like an extra step but we like to think that we've simplified the process with our Express, No-Heat Deep Condition & Repair Formula.

Other Ways to Lock in Moisture


LUS (Love Ur Self) Elixir Oil

Oil is great for achieving extra soft, touchable curls. However, a lot of people mistake that softness for a false sense of moisture, which it is not. But oil is still a great way to SEAL moisture in.

Think about the way oil and water behave when mixed together; the oil sits on top of the water and doesn't mix in. It's this property that makes oil such a great sealant.

Still, it's important to be mindful of how you use oil because it not only seals moisture in but can also seal moisture out. So if you plan on deep conditioning, do it before you do a hot oil treatment. Or, if you're using oil post-wash, be sure to add it to the hair post styling.

That way you can be sure your products are working effectively and the oil won't hinder your results. Our Elixir Oil is perfect to use on all curl types because of its light and velvety consistency. It's a blend of 7 different essential oils plus vitamin E and is easily absorbed into skin and hair, making it great for nourishing your strands without weighing them down or making them feel greasy.


Any time you wear your hair with your ends tucked away you’re wearing a protective style. These styles help to retain length and moisture because it minimizes washing and styling while reducing breakage caused by over-manipulation. There are so many different types of protective styles ranging in complexity from braids and twists to buns, extensions and wigs.

These styles not only protect your hair but they can also help to reduce the amount of time and energy you spend styling and caring for it (not to mention the variety of different looks you can slaaay).

Defeating Dryness

Just because the air is dry doesn't mean that your curls have to be! You can have bouncy, supple curls no matter the temperature as long as you pay attention to your strands, moisturize them on reg, and ensure that all that good hydration is properly sealed in.

In fact, you may find that spending a few extra minutes to give your curls some love will give you healthy, happy curls year round. So, stay a step ahead of the weather and give your curls a little extra seasonal TLC.




My hair has just enough bend that I have to use some product to let it curl or straighten it. I would love to find some more hair styles to play with mentioned in the blog!

My hair has just enough bend that I have to use some product to let it curl or straighten it. I would love to find some more hair styles to play with mentioned in the blog!



Great article. Learned a lot of new information. Thank you.

Great article. Learned a lot of new information. Thank you.