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Fun In The Sun: Summer Curl Tips

Posted on 18 July 2019

Cold weather gives you obvious signs that your hair needs a lil’ TLC, but what about that hot summer sun??

Between the beach bumming, pool diving and sunbathing, our curls can go through a lot when the temperature rises. That's why, on this week’s blog, we’ll be covering ways to keep your curls fresh and protected in the hot, hot heat. 😎

Catching Rays

You might notice that after spending some time in the sun, parts of your hair look lighter than they did before. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re as big a fan of the sunkissed look as the next girl, but this discoloration is often a sign of sun damage.

You’ve heard for years how harmful UV rays can be for your skin, but you may have never guessed that the same applies to your curls, too. The sun’s rays affect your hair like bleach, in that exposure damages the cuticle and removes melanin and color.

This can sometimes make you more prone to split ends, brittle strands and frizz. And as with bleach, those with finer, lighter or already color-treated hair are super susceptible to damage from the sun.

Natural ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera (which are both included in our Deep Condition & Repair Formula) act as natural sun protectants. A few other ways you can protect yourself against the sun’s rays? Invest in your own big, floppy hat, and take some extra time to keep your curls conditioned to help strengthen and protect them against the elements.

Bonus Tip: If your hair is low in density, you can use your fingertips to massage a small amount of sunscreen into your scalp. Opt for a lightweight formula – something too heavy/oily might leave you feeling super greasy.

Taking A Dip

Do you actually heed the signs at the pool that tell you to rinse off before jumping in? If not, you should start! When you jump into the pool with dry curls, they immediately absorb chlorinated water, which can stick around even after you wash your hair.

By getting your hair wet first and coating it in oil to seal your cuticle, you can help to minimize the amount of chlorine and chemicals absorbed into your strands. This trick also helps if the beach is more your scene and you’re dealing with salt water.

Bonus Tip: If you frequently find yourself floating around the pool, you might notice that your curls are dry and harder to style and manage. Clarifying can help to rid your curls of any lingering chlorine and give your hair a fresh start.

Drying Time

For some curly girls, air drying can take hours and hours on end. Hot weather changes the drying game, since you can let the sun do the work. Of course, your diffuser is still a whole lot faster, but this could be a way to give your curls a much-needed break from direct heat. Plus, instead of standing around diffusing your hair til it’s dry, there are tons of things you could be doing in the meantime (as long you don’t mess with them while they’re wet).

Bonus Tip: To speed up drying time, use a cotton t-shirt/towel to scrunch out the excess moisture from your hair.

Humidity Horrors

With the heat often comes humidity, a weather report that can leave a curly girl feeling kinda hopeless. Extra moisture in the air absorbs into the hair shaft and causes it to swell and separate from other strands, creating frizz.

Getting into a regular deep conditioning routine can help keep hair moisturized and healthy, making it less likely to take on excess moisture and frizz up in high humidity.

Bonus Tip: Lightly coating your hair with oil after styling can also help to seal out water molecules, keeping them from penetrating the hair shaft.

Stayin' Fresh

All the amazing outdoor activities you enjoy in the summer can work up a serious sweat. Not to mention, between swimming, BBQs, campfires, and concerts, your curls could be smelling like a whole mess of things.

The trouble is that washing your hair too frequently can dry out your scalp and your strands. Instead of starting from scratch, try experimenting with a refresh routine instead. If you’re using your LUS All-In-One formula to style, you can reactivate your curls simply by using a spray bottle to spritz water onto your hair. Check out these videos for refresh tips and tricks on different hair types.

To temporarily mask odors and smells in your hair, the LUS Hair Perfume is made with our signature scent and infused with aloe vera and provitamin B5 for extra moisture and will leave your curls with that freshly washed smell.

Keeping it Fun

Don't spend too much time fretting about your hair that you miss out on all the fun stuff. Expecting to be frizz-free 24/7 or having perfect curls post-swim is a lot of pressure to put on you and your hair. At the end of the day, summer is meant to be enjoyed. Just make sure that when you're slapping on your sunscreen, you're not forgetting about taking care of your curls.

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