April 2020 Dryer Recall FAQ | LUS Brands

Recall FAQ

Why is the LUS hair dryer being recalled?

Which products are being recalled?

How do I know if my hair dryer is affected by the recall?

How do I participate/register for the recall?

What kind of compensation is LUS providing?

Can I get a replacement hair dryer?

Are you making a new hair dryer? When can I expect the new hair dryer?

What happens if I don’t upload a photograph of my hair dryer?

What if I own more than one of these hair dryers?

My hair dryer appears to be running fine. Can I continue to use it?

Is there a time limit on this recall?

Why do I need to disable my hair dryer?

How long will it take to receive my refund or store credit?

Can I still use the diffuser head?

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