LUS Detangle & Style Brush

Clean and Care Instructions

Remove excess hair

Use your fingers to lift and pull hair from in between the bristles. For the hairs you can't reach with your fingers, insert a hair pick (or any pointy tool) in between the bristles and use it to lift the hair out of the brush.

Rinse after each use

Right after use of shampoo, conditioner, or any haircare product, rinse the brush to remove any residue left on it.

Regularly sanitize

Once a week, prepare a container of warm water with a quarter-size amount of shampoo mixed in. Swish around the head of the brush in the container to clean and circulate water in between its bristles.

Afterward, leave the brush bristles facedown in the water to soak for 15 min.

Shake out excess water

Standing over your sink/tub, use a whip motion to shake out any excess water left in the brush from soaking.

Allow time to dry

Wipe the brush carefully and place it on a clean, dry towel with bristles facing down and allow to air-dry overnight. Once dry, store your brush (bristles face up) in a cool, dry place.