Detangle & Style Brush
Detangle & Style Brush
Detangle & Style Brush
Detangle & Style Brush
Detangle & Style Brush
Detangle & Style Brush
Detangle & Style Brush

Detangle & Style Brush 

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Bye bye, tangles.
Hello, curls!

This baby works through the toughest knots, leaving curls tangle-free and ultra-defined.

Real Customers, Real Results


This brush is awesome!

Jessica B.

My curl game has been enhanced using this brush. I had been using a wide tooth comb but now my curls are even more defined because the product gets so well distributed through my hair. I love it.


Obsessed with it!!

Frances M.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this brush. When I’m brushing my hair with it, it automatically starts getting curlier. My hair had to be really wet in order for it to work properly but I love that I get to be more in control about my curls. I would never go back to my old brush.


Holy magical unicorns and fairy dust!


I have a wavy 5-year-old with sensory issues...we’ve probably tried 10+ different combs and brushes, all with the same result: screaming and crying and avoidance. She saw the new brush and was interested in the pink color, distracted just long enough to start brushing, and immediately said, “I’ll never whine with this brush, mama, I love the pink brush!” I almost cried. I have brushed her hair twice daily for the last two weeks and it’s a miracle: no more screaming crying and contortions to try and reach the hair of the flailing kid determined to evade detangling.

Designed with Curls in Mind

The geometric distribution of its bristles and their varied heights help to disperse the pulling and pressure on your curls while brushing. You’ll love it for how easy it glides through knots and tangles and for how evenly it distributes your styling products.

Patented Technology

With over 400 uniquely positioned round-tip bristles, the patented technology in the LUS (Love Ur Self) Detangle & Style Brush makes detangling and styling simple and pain-free!

Size: 8.66” L x 4.0 W”

Caution: Should not be used with heat

To detangle, use after applying conditioner to wet hair, then gently brush, starting at the ends and working up to the root. For even distribution of styling products, brush in small sections after applying product. Do not use with heat.

Did you know?
Hairbrushes should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on the frequency of use. Check out our care instructions to help extend the life of your brush.



Remove excess hair
Use your fingers to lift and pull hair from in between the bristles. For the hairs you can't reach with your fingers, insert a hair pick (or any pointy tool) in between the bristles and use it to lift the hair out of the brush.
Rinse after each use
Right after use of shampoo, conditioner, or any haircare product, rinse the brush to remove any residue left on it.
Regularly sanitize
Once a week, prepare a container of warm water with a quarter-size amount of shampoo mixed in. Swish around the head of the brush in the container to clean and circulate water in between its bristles.
Afterward, leave the brush bristles facedown in the water to soak for 15 min.
Shake out excess water
Standing over your sink/tub, use a whip motion to shake out any excess water left in the brush from soaking.
Allow time to dry
Wipe the brush carefully and place it on a clean, dry towel with bristles facing down and allow to air-dry overnight. Once dry, store your brush (bristles face up) in a cool, dry place.