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Why Did My Curl Type Change?

Posted on 16 August 2018

Have you ever woken up one day and looked in the mirror and realized that your hair is just...different? It’s hard to pinpoint when and where the change happened but you know you can’t be imagining it! Somehow your curls are looser, or maybe they're tighter? There may even be waves or curls where there’s never been before! 😱 Whether you are loving the change or you’re looking to get back what you had, we thought we'd delve into the mystery of why our hair textures change in the first place.

What Makes Curly Hair Curly?

To understand what could cause someone’s hair to change it's best to first know what gives curls their unique shape and texture!

Born This Way

This one is a no-brainer; genetics play a huge role in all of our physical attributes, and our hair is no exception. Whether you have a head full of luscious waves or lots of bouncy ringlets, you have genes to thank for that. So if your mom, dad, or grandparent has curly hair too, chances are they passed those genes on to you! Thanks, Ma!

Bent Out of Shape

Since genes alone can't fully explain the variations between different curl types, hair texture comes down to way more than just simple genetics.

The truth is that the shape of your hair follicles are the biggest factor in determining your hair texture. Your hair follicles are the part of your scalp that guide and grow hair fibres, so it makes sense that they could shape the way your strands look. Hair follicles that are circular and symmetrical produce straight hair, while oval shaped follicles produce hair that curls.

Building Bonds

But wait there's more! 😅 Curly hair also has a unique composition. Unlike straight hair, curly hair strands have an uneven distribution of keratin protein. These proteins form bonds throughout the hair shaft that contribute to the shape, size and tightness of each curl. When curly hair is chemically relaxed, these bonds are broken apart, and as a result, straightens the curl.

Unsolved Science

Even though it’s been determined for years that curly hair is a dominant gene, scientists admit that there is still no way to predict, the size, tightness, or overall behaviour of someone’s curls. Curly hair is just THAT unique.

Why The Change?

The Root Cause

Now that we know what a big role our follicles play in shaping our curls, it is likely that major changes in textures start at the root of your hair. That being said, it is possible for the shape of your follicles to change. Bodily changes like age, health, hormones, stress and diet are all factors that can impact the landscape of your hair.

Hormonal Hair

Believe it or not, major hormonal changes (like the kind you experience during pregnancy, puberty or even menopause) can actually affect and CHANGE the shape of your hair follicle as well as the size and thickness of your hair strands. So all the stories you've heard of hair changing (for better or worse) during pregnancy actually have some truth to them!

The 'D' Word

The dreaded 'D' word: damage. Damage doesn't come by flat ironing and straightening alone; there are many other factors that could cause damage to your hair, such as dryness. Your curls are the bounciest and healthiest when your hair AND scalp are moisturized. When they are dry, your curls can become rough, brittle and more susceptible to damage.

Another sneaky culprit can be over-manipulation. Detangling, pulling and brushing your hair back into buns, ponytails, and styles meant to stretch the hair can also affect your texture over time so be mindful of this if you're trying to bring some life back into your curls!

A Long Story

Long hair means more hair, and more hair means more weight. As your hair grows longer the weight starts to pull from the bottom up to your roots, resulting in your curl pattern being stretched and elongated. Sometimes a new hair cut can bring a little bounce back into your hair by using scissors to create varying layers and textures in your hair. Consulting with a curly hair specialist is the best way to figure out what kind of cut works best with your curl texture.

Curly Come-Up

Maybe your hair type hasn't changed (or at least not drastically), maybe you've just figured things out. A lot of us curly girls have spent a good portion of our lives not actually embracing our curls and perhaps you've finally figured out what works for you. We can't tell you how many times we've heard feedback from customers who are shocked at how a product can really transform your curl pattern.

Have you ever noticed a change in your curl pattern? Maybe you had an unexpected pattern spring up after pregnancy? Or maybe your kinks and coils are looser than they used to be after rocking a straightened look? Comment below and let us know!


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  • Sara: October 16, 2018

    After 2 pregnancies the hair near my face became/is now super curly! While
    The rest of my hair is loser curl. It’s frizzier as well probably because of damage. But with LUS it’s definately improving!

  • Kerri Stringer: October 16, 2018


    My hair has changed many times in my lifetime! I was born with a head full of tight, coily curly hair but my hair went completely straight at the age of 7. It was suggested at the time that cutting my hair off would revitalize those curls but sadly, though I looked like a boy for quite some time, no curls until I hit puberty at age 13. The curl itself was very different than as a child—more wavy than curly. Now at age 50 my hair is once again extremely curly and unruly. Thanks for the outstanding products that help me keep it not just under control but looking amazing!

  • Paula: October 16, 2018

    The only changes I’ve ever noticed are when I was a child I had big soft curls and as I got older, approached pubery it got tighter but it really didn’t get extremely curly until after I started having kids and recovered from the hair loss from bearing a child. Now I’m 55 and I have large grey patches (which I cover with hair color), those grey patches aren’t as curly as the rest of my hair that is not grey. The results is a combination curl texture. But now using LUS for curly hair and I’ve noticed my curls have awakened and they seem to be curlier and less combination, more uniform. Go figure! I love it!

  • Paula: October 16, 2018

    The only changes I’ve ever noticed are when I was a child I had big soft curls and as I got older, approached pubery it got tighter but it really didn’t get extremely curly until after I started having kids and recovered from the hair loss from bearing a child. Now I’m 55 and I have large grey patches (which I cover with hair color), those grey patches aren’t as curly as the rest of my hair that is not grey. The results is a combination curl texture. But now using LUS for curly hair and I’ve noticed my curls have awakened and they seem to be curlier and less combination, more uniform. Go figure! I love it!

  • Kristin: October 16, 2018

    I’ve had bone straight hair my whole life. I have two kids and I’ve noticed over the past 2ish years that my hair texture was drastically changing. I still used a regular hair brush and my hair would look like a poofy dry frizz wad. I had been asked several times if I had curly hair and I would say “ummm no…I’ve been on this earth for 30+ years..I think I would know.” I finally bought a store brand curl shampoo and that’s all it took. I have curly/wavy hair….WHAT!?! Most of it is curly..but there are places that are just a little wavy and some places that just look straight. I’ve ordered the wavy set and I’m hoping hoping hoping that this will give me a more even look!! I intend on posting pics when I get my LUS.

  • Lisa: October 16, 2018

    Thank you for this post. Very informative! I have been going through menopause for the past year and I am only 43. My curls have changed drastically (among many other things!) I am not a vain woman by any stretch. But with your hair… it’s depressing when you feel like you’ve lost control and don’t know what to do. I had literally been praying for an answer. There is HOPE!!! A couple of weeks ago I came across and ad for Lus and bought the system. I have to say I am shocked and relieved that my curls have life to them again!! Life changing to be honest. Bye bye dry, thin and lifeless curls! Using your product has boosted my moral during this hormonal time in my life and I truly cannot thank you enough! Oh, and I have a lot more room in my cabinets now that I got rid of the countless products I was using to no avail!!! Count on me to be a lifelong customer!!

  • Terri Nelson: October 16, 2018

    I have very inconsistent curls and waves. My hair is about shoulder length and very thick. The back is REALLY curly, and the sides are straighter, curly some places and more wavy in others. One side is more straight than the other. I am trying to let it do it’s own thing instead of blow drying and using the curling iron to control it. Plus it is too hot to be blow drying in the summer. I just started using LUS this week and so I am experimenting right now. I still curl my bangs, but did nothing to the sides today aside from using a clip to keep it away from my face. Once the weather changes and it isn’t so hot I will wear it down everyday. I am also waiting for the weekend to see what it looks like fully air dried. It is just weird how inconsistent my hair is? Oh and I have 2 sisters and one has normal straight hair and the middle sister has straight very fine hair, and then I have the big curly crazy wavy hair. So it is really the genetic hand your are dealt that determines hair texture.

  • Amy: October 16, 2018

    My hair went through serious changes over the course of my 3 pregnancies!! I’ve always had thick hair w/ a lot of body (and cowlicks). My hair got curlier and curlier with each pregnancy. It took me time to embrace it and learn how to rock it but now I’m loving the curly life! The all in one has been like a miracle for me! It has helped me perfect my curly do and I’m now a LUS evangelist!! 😘

  • Claire Flick: October 16, 2018

    Slowly without me noticing after menopause at 55 I lost my beautiful crazy curly hair! Now at 60 my hair doesn’t do anything even if I let it air dry! The back underside will still be somewhat curly but the rest is straight with crazy areas of waves! That is what prompted me to buy your products but nope… can’t fight hormones I guess.

  • Tara: October 16, 2018

    I notice that my hair now has varied curl patterns…wavy underneath, the sides are tight spirals, and the remaining are looser spiral curls. It’s extremely frustrating and seems to have gotten worse since menopause.

  • Valerie Padgett: October 16, 2018

    My curl pattern changed from messy and unkempt to beautiful, soft, bouncy ringlets when I discovered your 3-in-1 styler. Honestly, I had tried so many products but nothing worked well until I discovered the LUS products. So simple to use, but perfect results. I’m so happy!

  • Kim English: October 16, 2018

    Throughout my life my hair was straight with just a bit of a wave but after going through menopause my hair changed from straight to curly. It finally became such a struggle to try to keep it straight so I decided to attempt to embrace my curls. Who knew there was so much to learn about how to care for them, as well as so many products?! I tried hundreds of dollars worth of products, some left my curls weighed down & greasy-looking, others left them hard & crunchy. I discovered Lus products & now my curls are beautiful & soft, it’s so hard to stop touching them but I know that’s a no-no, lol! I’m so happy I found these products & I’m finally learning to love my curls!

  • Annette Minier: October 16, 2018

    I needed this right now. Struggling with a major change in my curl pattern that went unnoticed due to a year of ponytails. (oy)
    Thank you

  • Rebekah : October 16, 2018

    My hair changed with my chemo treatment for metastatic Breast Cancer. Although I didn’t lose all my hair it got very thin. As my body adjusted to the treatments (I will never be done with chemo until I eventually die) My hair came in kinky at the roots and eventually ended up curl type 3.

  • Nikki Helmuth: October 16, 2018

    My hair is wavy and had gotten more wavy as I’ve gotten older. I just had our second baby and me waves seem to not have as much life in them. I switched shampoo and conditioner and my hair seems very dry:( I just ordered the wavy LUS hair set and I’m so excited to try it and see if it can bring some life back to my thin, dry not as wavy hair!!

  • HAYDEE DELGADO: October 16, 2018

    Thank you, for this article. It’s very informative!:0) My hair is the most unmanageable it has ever been. Not sure when it started; however, it seems like it has been this way for a few years. Not only is my hair thinning out in the front area but my curl pattern is totally out of wack. Instead of curls, I see more waves and the top of my hair, where it’s thinning, that area is pretty much short & straight!:-( Not sure what to do. Just waiting on GOD & a miracle!

  • Rosie Uribe: October 16, 2018

    The ends of my hair will not hold curl. I have tried drastic hair cuts no help , tried lots of product but the last 2-3 inches just feel burnt and frizzy straight even new ends after a hair cut within a day or two.

  • Esther: October 16, 2018

    I’m actually pregnant right now (3 months) and washing my hair yesterday I noticed my curls have become a little loose. I know the hormones are partially to blame, but I’m also in need of a cut because I have about 3-4 inches of new growth that is weighing some of my hair down. I’ll be getting a cut soon though!

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